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Good Bee Hunting

I found lots of bees today on my way to and from my community garden plot. On the way over, I saw some beautiful coreopsis with cute little Halictus (I think) sweat bees filling their saddle bags with pollen. In … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Bee Rancher

When I first heard about the decline of the honeybee, I started paying more attention to the bees in my yard. To my relief, I saw that honeybees still came to visit. And of course there were bumblebees. Then I … Continue reading

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Found some pollinators in the chives

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day to go visit the Pollinator plot at the community garden. The chives have been flowering for some days, and I was looking forward to seeing the bees. Sure enough, the chives were hosting a … Continue reading

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Bees in the spring

I saw a honeybee visit the crocus today. A bumblebee seemed to be looking for a good spot under the crocuses to start her nest. Crocuses nestle in the sheltered pocket where snapdragons have stayed green all winter.  Crocuses bloom … Continue reading

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A day of good bee hunting

I enjoyed hosting today on the Life-Friendly Garden Tour. Nice people stopped by and let me show off my bees. If you’re interested at all in bees, you know about honeybees going missing. If you want to help honeybees, the … Continue reading

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What’s behind those leaves?

Bees! When you look at this wall of grape leaves imagine you hear buzzing.

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The usual suspects are in the goldenrod

August started early in the goldenrod. They’ve been flowering for a couple weeks and bees love it. I’ll try to catch more pics of the little bees  later. For now, here’s a bumblebee,  a honeybee, and a mystery wasp.

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More coneflowers, more bees

More coneflowers have answered the first coneflower‘s call. This is one of the great bee flowers. My trinity of bees — honeybees, bumblebees, and Agapostemon — visit them, methodically going through the spikes of pollen in the centers. When the … Continue reading

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A buffet for bees in the catmint

The mound of catmint, Nepeta “Walker’s Low“, has bloomed all May and June, attracting an amazing array of bees.

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A raspberry and a blueberry from the bees

Today’s harvest was brought to you by the bees. Honeybees and small carpenter bees in the raspberries. Bumblebees, too, but they’re too fast for me to get a good picture. I caught a Lasioglossum bee in the flowerhead of one … Continue reading

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