Good Bee Hunting

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I found lots of bees today on my way to and from my community garden plot. On the way over, I saw some beautiful coreopsis with cute little Halictus (I think) sweat bees filling their saddle bags with pollen. In the Pollinator Plot, bumblebees are still buzzing in the borage. A couple of Hylaeus bees were hopping in and out of blackberry flowers. (I found another Hylaeus in my raspberries a couple days ago. You just might be able to see the yellow marks on its shoulders.) When I passed the coreopsis on my way home, a green Agapostemon had come to visit, but I didn’t get a picture. Finally I walked by a gas station with a lovely planting for honeybees: lots of clover and salvia both purple and white.
Friday of Pollinator Week is a good day for bee hunting!

About Pam Phillips

I am a writer and gardener. I never cease to be amazed by the wonder and beauty of bees.
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