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Now here’s a Miner bee!

In spring you may see lots of little bees emerging from the ground or your lawn. The ones I find are little brown Early Miner Bees. First are groups of them zooming around. These are the males, who emerge first. … Continue reading

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Miner bees are where it begins

National Pollinator Week officially began yesterday, so that’s my excuse for doubly belatedly posting about the bees that have emerged so far this spring. Spring begins with bumblebee queens hunting for a sheltered spot to build a new nest. On … Continue reading

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Tiny bees in the raspberries

I wouldn’t be looking forward to so many fruits if it weren’t for the bees. And since National Pollinator Week starts today, it seemed like a good excuse to spend a little time this morning looking for bees. It never … Continue reading

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It’s time to praise buttercups

It looks like it’s time for my annual post about Creeping Buttercups, or Ranunculus repens.¬† They¬† can really take over the place but there are three reasons why I let them:

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Meanwhile, on the ground

What I consider my ground covers are doing their thing. Since I want the violets where they are, they’re not weeds, they’re wildflowers. The ajuga come from a six pack that I planted years ago, and after much coddling are … Continue reading

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Bees in the trees

The bees are in the trees, It’s a happy, buzzing breeze, Cause the bees are in the trees, And the pear blossoms are pleased, Down in the earth, up to the leaves, The miner bees are in the trees.

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Bees high and low

So the bees flying around the top of the butterfly bush aren’t miner bees after all. The miner bees are somewhere else.

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