Sources of Bee-Safe Plants

Strawberry, Alpine strawberry, blueberry, raspberry

Strawberry, Alpine strawberry, blueberry, raspberry

Sources where you can find live plants and roots that were not treated with insecticides. It’s particularly important to avoid neonicotinoids, as they are absorbed by the growing plant and can be found in the flowers, nectar, and pollen. All organic plants are untreated.

Name State Notes
FEDCO ME Organic supplier.Potatoes, onions, shallots, berries, fruit trees, and fall bulbs.
Maine Potato Lady ME Organic. Potatoes, Onions, Garlic, Shallots.
Tripple Brook Farm MA Biologic pest control with minimal use of herbicides. Emphasizes native plants. Native berries and fruit trees, flowering ornamentals.
Logee’s CT per online chat: “The only time we treat with insecticides is if we have a breakout of bugs, which has not happened for years.”
Flowering ornamentals, berries, and fruit trees.
D. Landreth Seed Co. PA No pesticides in warehouse.Potatoes, onions, etc. and fall bulbs
Bluestone Perennials MO Treat their plants, but not with neonicotinoids. Ornamental perennials, fall bulbs, and flowering shrubs.
Sow True NC Potatoes, garlic, sweet potatoes.
Peaceful Valley CA Organic supplier. Potatoes, onions, garlic, fall bulbs, vegetable crowns, berries, and fruit trees.
Horizon Herbs OR Nearly all plants and trees are organic.Medicinal and culinary herbs, shrubs, and trees.
Nichols Garden Nursery OR per email: Our plants are not treated with insecticides, we control with predatory insects and other organic procedures.
Territorial Seed OR Greenhouses are certified organic.Vegetables, herbs, flowers, garlic, potatoes, sweet potatoes, berries, and fruit trees.

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