Garden Tour in Watertown for the Bees

20140502_honeybee_muscariThis Sunday, May 11, from 1:30 pm to 5:00 pm. I’m participating in the Watertown Chemical-Free Garden Tour. This is a semiannual garden tour featuring yards and gardens where no chemicals have been used for at least a year. Needless to say, eschewing chemicals and pesticides is vital for all bees. In this tour, many of the gardeners are featuring what else we are doing for bees, from planting flowers to keeping hives and offering bee hotels.

My garden is a stop on the tour. With the delayed spring, it’s looking nicer than it usually does in May. The bulbs are still open in full force and the pear trees are flowering. Honeybees are visiting, Miner Bees are stocking their tunnels, bumblebees are searching for nesting sites, and my annual male Carpenter Bee is patrolling his usual spot by the door. He may even try to get in your face as you come up the stairs. But don’t let his bluster fool you: unless you’re also a bee, he can’t do anything to you.

Hope you can come see some bees!

About Pam Phillips

I am a writer and gardener. I never cease to be amazed by the wonder and beauty of bees.
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