Carpenter Bee on patrol

Carpenter bee on patrol

Right about when the bumblebees show up, the Carpenter bees come out too. Bumblebees are placid, fuzzy fellows that take no notice of you. While they look like extra large bumblebee, the Eastern Carpenter Bees have a shiny tail, and the males will get in your face, and tell you in no uncertain terms to get out of their territory. You can tell the males by the way they patrol a nice patch of flowers, and by the pale patch on their face. For all that sass, male bees are all show and no stinger. (What they have instead of a stinger is deployed for the lady bees only.)

Carpenter bees get their name from the way they drill into wood to create their nests. I think mine are nesting in the woodpiles from maple saplings that I’ve cut down. I enjoy watching their antics in the spring, and how they weigh down the flowers. Soon the Butterfly bush will be flowering, and the Carpenter bees will have plenty of flowers big enough to bear their weight.

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I am a writer and gardener. I never cease to be amazed by the wonder and beauty of bees.
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