Bye, columbine

Bee diving up into columbine

The last of my columbines are still attracting bees (this one is a Lasioglossum), but they are fading and raising up fistfuls of seed pods.  They’ll be back. They’ve come back and spread with glee, ever since I planted a few seeds years ago. All I remember of the variety is that supposedly the dark purple, nearly black little bonnets were popular with death-obsessed Victorians. These self-seed so freely, they out-compete any other columbines I’ve tried. So they’re easy to grow, so easy I have to pull them up from random cracks in the stone walls. And the littlest bees love them.

Anybody want some columbine seeds?

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I am a writer and gardener. I never cease to be amazed by the wonder and beauty of bees.
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