Killer Maggots

Syrphid fly larva

Syrphid fly larva

Remember the syrphid fly that was laying eggs the other day? Well, they hatched. And the larvae are just that: larval. I mean ladybug larva are pretty cool looking. Even caterpillars can be cute.

But this? This is a soulless, horrible maggot.

On the bright side, they suck the juice out of aphids. They’re not so easy to spot. The aphids cluster in their hordes, but I have to put on my reading glasses and lean in close to spot tiny yellowish maggots next to them. The camera gets a even closer look.

Wanna see?

Syrphid larva attacking an aphid

Syrphid larva attacking an aphid


You vampire lovers out there are in serious denial.


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