Syrphid flies

Toxomerus Syrphid fly

Toxomerus Syrphid fly

Today felt almost summery, so here’s some more bugs from earlier in the summer. Syrphid flies this time.  I admire how much they look like bees until you get close enough to spot those big fly eyes. Sometimes I don’t even realize what I saw until I upload the pictures from the camera, they’re so small. Though they use the bee colors of black and yellow, their patterns are often quite distinctive. I see enough of these Toxomerus flies, I can almost remember the name without looking it up.

Allograpta syrphid fly

Allograpta syrphid fly

This Allograpta is also common in my yard, just enough for me to think, Ooh! Another pretty syrphid.

Syrphid fly on veronica

Yet another syrphid fly on veronica

In their behavior, syrphid flies are in between ladybugs and bees. Though I have yet to find their young, when they are still creepy-crawlers, often they are aphid-eater, like ladybugs.

When they grow up and start hovering near the flowers, the adults are more likely to eat nectar and enjoy each other.

So keep an eye on those “bees.” They may not be what you think.

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