Bumblebee on goldenrod

Bumblebee on goldenrod

The coneflowers have been feeding bees for weeks now. So have the veronica, the wood sorrel, the St. John’s wort, and the bladder campion. It’s starting to get boring, all that growing and flowering and growing and flowering. Even the squash blossoms are getting familar. So it’s nice to see goldenrod join the crowd, complete with bees. Except one of them wasn’t a bee.

Syrphid? fly on goldenrod

Syrphid fly on goldenrod

It looks like yet another kind of syrphid fly has emerged to fool me. (Update: Yes, it’s a syrphid. Syritta pipiens.)

Surprise! A fly on thistle, too.

Surprise! A fly on thistle, too.

I got fooled again by this thistle growing next to a rose bush (which seems a bit redundant). I didn’t even see the fly until I looked at the picture on my computer.

Sneaky flies.


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